We want to create a balance of oversight and support with our rules.

Novus Roleplay follows all terms of service placed in motion by FiveM. Any attempt to rip our assets, violate FiveM policies or our own set of rules will result in a permanent ban, leading to a report to a roleplay blacklist. The following rules apply to our public Discord server along with communication to community members. These rules apply to OOC situations along with some IC. We ask that you read these rules carefully and are invited to bring any questions about the rules up to a staff member via private message or support ticket on our forums.

Our Mission: To replicate real life in a game platform. We will always promote players to replicate real life and administrate in a way that keeps replication of real life at its core. Players can know they are free and supported in the free creation of their characters.

  1. We are an adult community which means players must be 18+. Only under special circumstances will younger individuals be permitted.
  2. You must have a working microphone that can be heard clearly.
  3. While in-world, players may not roleplay a character under the age of 18. If your character is deemed to have an immature or under-aged appearance you may be asked to change appearance. No primary school or high school characters may be played.
  4. Any ‘trolling’ by way of unrealistic behavior while in-world is prohibited. These actions may include griefing, trolling, fishing, insulting others or speaking OOC in IC scenarios, flying, super jumping, or disrespecting server staff. Ignorance is not an excuse. Penalties for this type of behavior will result in banishment.
  5. Novus Roleplay does not condone any threats of violence or displays of hate. For more information on hate speech or hateful symbols,view here
  6. No forms of graphic or sexual imagery may be posted inside our Discord network.
  7. You may not trash talk other players, our server or other servers inside our Discord or in-world. You may not belittle players or staff. Doing any of these actions will result in administrative action.
  8. For support both in-roleplay, player reporting, or technical please either submit a ticket or enter a support lounge. A member of administration will be happy to assist you promptly.
  9. Administration staff are here to help you with any conflict that may arise between players in the course of roleplay. First, however, attempt to work out the issue before notifying an admin. Be aware however that when an admin is contacted to settle or become involved in the issue, all parties involved submit to the findings of administration officials.