Lets make roleplay the best it can be

Roleplay is a wonderful way to express yourself and explore things that may not be possible in real life. In roleplay, you are essentially filling a role of another person. Roleplay in Fivem can be both complex or more basic, all in how much you wish to express your character or the detail you want to provide. We encourage all players to be detailed with the story lines and in-world voice/text emote roleplay. 

Roleplay is simple and we welcome both new and veteran players! ‘Voice Chat’ through teamspeak is regarded as in-character. You are actively playing as your character when using ‘Voice Chat’ in-world. Using ‘/me’ is an in-character way of showing emotes. An example of this would be, [/me “Looks down taking the glass of beer to his lips, looking over to the crowd.”] What your character would say is expressed all through vocal speak, while the unspoken things detected or detectable through senses would be expressed in ‘/me’ I.E, smell. For the sake of entertainment and roleplay quality it is always best to use as many details possible!

Novus Roleplay encourages ‘free form’ roleplay which simply means that the power to create your character and its destiny is fully in your own hands. Our rules and recommendations are only there to create a safe environment focused on realism, realism, realism! 

Important Terms

Connected into the server with your character ped. 

 Using information you have gained OOCly that your character would not typically know, in an IC situation. 

Forcing actions you want on another player or planning actions for them which they would not choose in their own roleplay stories.

Being overly powerful in a roleplay scenario and not allowing your character any weakness.

You should play your character as if he or she values their life. Don’t put the character in risky situation unless it is part of the story or reasonable to assume that is acceptable for the character.


Weigh the risk of arrest or gang conflict realistically. Do 

Griefing a player to the point where they are uncomfortable or ruining their game experience shouldn’t be allowed. Griefing can refer to constant stalking of a player without an in-character reason, constantly killing an individual over and over within a decent time frame, texting or tweeting at them, harassing a player through OOC chat, or forcing yourself into their RP scenarios. Griefing can also include reporting or revenge reporting.

Revenge reporting includes reporting a person strictly due to the knowledge they have reported you or another person as well as repeatedly forcing interactions and recording to report another individual in hopes of getting them banned. This also includes holding onto clips of valid rule breaks and turning them in due to an issue you may have with another player. 

Non-Playable Character – A character or role that is not filled by an actual human player but is assumed to be a living character in the scene or roleplay.
A full server restart is about to take place! Make sure you are in a stopping place in your scene.

RDM: Random Deathmatch
VDM: Vehicle Deathmatch – When a player uses a car with intent to kill. EX: Strikes a player ped at over 40MPH.

Violations of “Fail Roleplay”

    • Keep roleplay realistic and understand we are a serious roleplay server. The goal is to try and replicate real life the best we can.
    • Spam punching or jumping is not allowed.
    • Getting injured and failing to properly roleplay medical injuries with other players or emergency medical staff.
    • Doing unrealistic jumps with a vehicle and not roleplaying the realistic effects that may come from the jump such as vehicle damage, ejection, driver injury, etc.
    • Not roleplaying the effects of excessive vehicle damage.
    • If your character does not have proper education to do a certain task, you are prohibited from attempting that task. For example, if your character would not have the knowledge to fly an airplane, do not attempt to fly an airplane.
    • When downed or incapacitated, you cannot use your radio for communications. Further, when handcuffed you may not use your radio or phone.
    • Using emotes to communicate words or OOC feelings. Speech communicated through emotes must be in the form of writing on a notepad using quotation marks.

Initiating a Roleplay Scene

    • You must initiate a roleplay scene verbally in some way. For example, before you were to shoot someone, if the scene is not already initiated, you must verbally give some type of speech notification.
    • Twitter or any other phone app (texts) can not be used as initiation


    • The use of any outside of server knowledge is considered metagaming, or knowledge gained on another character transferred to your secondary.
    • Using Discord or any type of third-party communication system to spread in-server information is prohibited. We understand you may want to talk to your friends who may also be in the server. Please use adult discretion in what you share.
    • Using any information posted in the OOC-Discord in the server is not allowed.
    • Using a multimedia video or Twitch video to gain information is prohibited.


    • The instruction or dictation to another player to do something that goes against ones own power is prohibited. For example pointing a gun at someone and asking them to unlock areas or storage compartments locked by a game mechanic.

Value Character Life

    • Value your life! Roleplay your character as if they were real. You don’t want to put yourself in risky situations unless it is realistic to the character. This rule however does not mean you have to give up in risky situations. Think deep in your character development about how he or she would value life.

    • The character values their life based on how they would respond to different scenes the character may interact in. How would they value their life in a robbery perhaps, or would they fear life in prison? To determine this, it is important you create a character backstory. The details of your character’s past can help paint the picture to how they would value their life in various situations that may occur. A trained military member may react differently to having a gun pointed at them, than a former librarian.
    • You should fear for your life based off how your character would react, not what the general societal response may be.
    • If you are incapacitated or in a compromising situation such as sitting down, in extremely close proximity to a weapon, or overwhelmed by numbers of assailants, this would result in a greater chance you give up and comply in fear for your life.

Public Safety & Injury Roleplay

    • All injuries must be roleplayed realistically. If you are downed the character can remember information until they are in a fully “dead” state and show the animation.
    • You may recall information based on the injury you choose to roleplay. For example a gunshot to the head you would remember less information than if you break an arm.
    • You may not use voice chat after you enter the “dead” animation unless you choose to roleplay a less severe injury.
    • You must provide emotes to medical staff showing them what injuries you are experiencing.
    • Under no circumstances are you allowed to combat log once you are injured. You must stay logged in to the server and roleplay your injuries.
    • When your character is downed/transported to the hospital you cannot return to the original scene or re-engage while that scene remains active. In the event of a full LEO wipe, officers may take medical care and return to secure the scene.

    • A police officers footage from a bodycam point of view may only be viable if the bodycam is ‘used’ and the ‘overlay’ is present in the recording. Otherwise, recordings from a dash camera mounted in the patrol car are usable in 360degree.

    • During a negotiation, police are not allowed to ‘lie’ or provide knowingly false information to the suspect. For example, they cannot break the terms of an agreed deal.

    • Police Corruption : You may only be corrupt on your LEO character if you open a ticket and express the intent to staff before doing any corrupt actions. The corruption must be a part of your character’s backstory and have a developed character arc. This character story must end in some arrest or murder coming from organic roleplay. If you are currently involved in a corrupt story, please notify staff immediately. Violation of this rule will result in serious OOC penalty.

    • Examples of Corruption: Taking Bribes, Turning a blind eye to the law, dereliction of duty by way of corruption, giving or selling evidence, giving information to criminals for free or at a price, dishonesty in reports, lying about responsible suspension / probable cause to make an arrest or facilitate an investigation, manufacturing a lie to justify force, tampering with evidence, false imprisonment or arrest.

    • Examples of Acceptable Corruption that does not require staff notification: Police brutality, group beating, excessive force, foul or offensive language used with offenders/others, sexual misconduct.

Character Information

    • Your character name must be realistic and not mirror a famous person.
    • Character names must be realistic and not a troll name like “Bend Over”.
    • A voice changer can be used if it aides in the play of the character.
    • You are not permitted to play any copyrighted music through your microphone or content.
    • All characters you play must be 18+
    • Identification cannot be done by voice. Identification can be made if recognized in an outfit that character commonly wears, or confirmation of their face must be made to confirm identity.
    • Players need to keep in mind how realistically to play the character. For example, social circles would the character have? EX: A lawful good or neutral character socializing with known criminals.

Blacklist Items

    • You may not wear any emergency service clothing or items on a non-public safety character.
    • The player may not access any animal or non-human player ped without the written authorization of staff.

Faction / Gang Roleplay

    • Registered factions are allowed to have access to more detailed hints or information. This is a benefit of being a whitelisted faction with Novus Roleplay.
    • A faction has no limit to the amount of members they can have. In order to qualify to be a faction, your group must have a minimum of 4 players.
    • Factions must operate completely independently from one another when doing acts of aggression (gang on gang conflict, robbery, police conflict) unless there is an OOC agreement made between groups in a ticket approved by staff. Factions are meant to be either rivals of each other or have neutral relations during conflict
    • A faction leader or member is limited to what roles they may have in law enforcement play on other characters.
    • A faction may have “gang territory” area, either a block or a building, will be considered the gangs ‘zone’ should a war breakout.
    • During a gang-war, players of that gang must wear something marking them with their ‘gang color’ at all times until the gang war has ended.
    • When in a gang war, players cannot hide inside a teleport shell or their safe zone for long periods of time (more than 1 hour). They must be out in the open doing activities so they can engage in the war for fun on both sides.
    • There is a (14) day grace period between all gang wars. After the termination date of a gang war, both sides must pause and not initiate conflict with another.
    • If a gang wants to declare peace or give in, the gang must give up turf, assets or a common hangout place in return for peace. This will be determined before the war begins.
    • A member must be in Novus two weeks before applying for a faction.
    • A faction must have a background story about how they came to be and how they got into the city and formed. The faction will need to add in this lore about how the leaders came to be and how they played their part to form this gang.
    • The faction must roleplay how the group would (So no thugs who are ghetto and try to be like a mafia when they are just street goons.) A well dressed, educated wealthy faction who all of a sudden rob a gas station
    • A faction must maintain player count and actively recruit to their group if the numbers fall below the minimum. The faction must be able to provide a roster count of members and update it every time the number changes. The group must have a leadership individual or group (ooc, ic or both)
    • Factions primarily shall enter into roleplay scenarios with their character that follows their alignments, and maintains with the factions primary and secondary focus. (Drugs, guns, petty crime, etc)
    • A faction will have access to OOC knowledge of certain criminal abilities. This should be brought into the IC realm only by following the prompts of staff. Anything directed by staff to not enter the characters IC knowledge should be forgotten and left out of the server.

    • It is the responsibility of the factions leadership to closely monitor the roleplay ability of their members from an OOC perspective. If members of the factions fail to follow rules and receive a pink, red or black infraction, repeated bad actors whom are a member of the faction could result in the faction receiving decreased information or minimized exposure in the server.

    • Faction member may not control a monopoly on enterprise, as determined by Senior Staff. Non-faction citizens requesting a business will still have priority on ownership.

    • Faction members can NOT work at all businesses owned or affiliated by the faction. A max of 2. Faction businesses must hire other citizens and offer employment to new members in Novus.

    • With the termination of the member requirement, a new rule has been added which is a “raid or seize limit” – this is a MAX of 10 players. This applies to FACTION on FACTION raids during a gang war.

    • Before a gang war can commence, Both Faction Leaders must express their wish to start a war to staff through their ooc faction channels. A ticket will be opened for record where both will agree in what is in exchange if the other backs down, whether it be Currency, Cars, Turf, guns, or drugs.

    • During a Faction War: This is the only time KOS will be allow in the server, both Parties must stay in their represented color.(70% of their clothing and Vehicles) both parties are expected to be out in public

    • Members of Factions can’t be part of other factions on different characters.

    • Players that have a law enforcement character cannot take part in an investigation of a faction they may be member of on another character.

    • All reports of not following these rules will require video evidence.

    • Factions should only report other factions members for clear rule violations. Rule play is not allowed and is in bad taste.

    • These rules are fluid and staff reserves the right to add, change or remove rules at any time based on the situation at hand.

    • A faction can be disbanded at any time if members of the faction fail to be respectful to other players OOC.

Roleplaying Illegal Acts

Novus Roleplay is a serious roleplay server where interactions should be driven by a narrative and should not be seen as another version of Grand Theft Auto: Online. By spending a majority of your time performing violent acts you are not roleplay to the Novus standard. Immediately shooting at a convenience store, every robbery, continuously cop baiting, kidnapping and griefing a certain group is not proper.

    • All acts of crime are limited to a grouping of (4) individuals unless they are in a faction. Factions may have up to (6) individuals in a group doing illegal acts. Further, this involves any related person “in the area” that could relay information by phone or radio.

    • Large-scale robberies or heists of any type have a limit of (4) people involved in either the criminal act or getaway attempt. Factions may have (6) individuals in the crime act. This is increased to (8) if they are wearing their faction identifier (mask, flag, kutte, etc) – The crime member must be wearing this article of clothing during the entire crime, pre and post. This includes anyone potentially being a getaway driver or a third party to assist during the robbery or in the getaway attempt. Further, this involves any related person “in the area” that could relay information by phone or radio.
    • Please respect a 20-minute cool down in between all crime related scenes.
    • When robbing a player, you may not “wipe” their inventory. Please be respectful of the player and only take their most valuable items. Leave them with things such as food and water.
    • Excessive crime in a short period of time is not allowed. Please be realistic with repeated criminal activity in the same server-session.
    • When engaging in a player-to-player criminal act, understand that everything said verbally is IC. No ‘drama’ should extend OOC. Please be an adult.
    • While committing a crime with a supercar you must understand that the vehicle will be subject to strict seizure laws if apprehended. No money will be refunded to your character IC if the vehicle is seized due to use in the commission of a crime, no matter the cost.
    • Player-to-player crime (such as robbing another player at gunpoint) may not occur between 3AM-10AM EST.
    • Players are asked to try to initiate scenes of crime with aggressive dialogue, fists or melee devices before resorting to gunfire. “Gunplay” in most situations is deemed low tier unless there is proper build up in the roleplay! Players found habitually resorting to violence (Robbing, Killing, Shooting) With little to no roleplay between scenes will be disciplined. Excessive gunplay will get you banned. Only use a gun when it is the last resort
    • No major crime should be started 30 minutes before and after the server restarts. 6PM EST and 6AM EST.
    • When robbing/holding a player up, there must be a roleplay reason instead of focusing on maximizing monetary gain. This should also be done without camping locations to achieve these goals. An example would be camping clothing stores just to jump someone.

Hacking or Exploiting Server Mechanics

    • Any player that is caught abusing server mechanics or a bug will have all assets gained from that bug including currency removed. Please report a bug the moment you experience it.
    • You may not use a crosshair or any assist in your play.
    • Macros keys to use an advantage in a gun/melee fight is prohibited.
    • Exploiting a job to make an unrealistic amount of money in a short period of time is not allowed. If you interact with something that seems off, please report it.
    • No footage recorded or streamed can be used as IC information unless the player is wearing a recording device, has a phone or camera out, roleplays that a dash cam is in their vehicle, or there is a physical/common sense security camera close by the scene. (I.E Airport, Courthouse, etc)
    • A player must have evidence to support their report or a clear statement of events. If there is no evidence, the player understands the staff team cannot issue a full-length punishment.
    • A player may not make a false report to staff.

Extra items

  • Players are not allowed to speak ill about the namesake of Leesburg, Eddie Lee. 

  • Please give other players at least thirty seconds to respond to any vocal communications or /me emotions. Be sure to add detail through emotes and communicate ALL OOC statements or notifications using the proximity /OOC chat. 
  • If for some reason you or the player you’re interacting with is having voice issues, communicate in text using quotation marks.

  • If a roleplay scene is initiated in a public place or “common” area, it is not considered private. Please be mindful when entering a roleplay scene already started that you must communicate and respect the roleplay that has already begun. 

  • Small scale social events are allowed, however we ask that players when in the server engage in ***active*** scenes with other players.

  • Characters must allow for introductions before knowledge of new characters can be known in-world. 
  • New Life Rule – This rule states that once your character has permanently died, you forget all details from the characters previous life. If you are ‘downed’ and rendered unconscious, you forget any details leading up to the event that resulted in your incapacitation.

  • Vehicle Deathmatches are not allowed! This means you may not hit someone else’s vehicle or another person without a proper reason. If you are engaged in a potentially lethal event, resort back to your character backstory whether striking a person with the vehicle would be appropriate. We strongly suggest against using your vehicle as a weapon.

  • Random Death Match(RDM) is not allowed as it is poor roleplay. You may not randomly shoot someone and run off without previous roleplay going into the scenario.

  • **ALL** events in-world are considered IC. Only text communication through /OOC may be considered out of character.

  • All in-world businesses and emergency services are open for roleplay at any time unless otherwise noted by hours of operation or exigent circumstances. Unless the business is previously noted as player-owned, feel free to fill roles previously demoted as NPC positions. An example, a clerk at a local 24/7 Gas Station.

  • No Metagaming, powergaming or godmodding is allowed. 

  • NPC usage in criminal scenes (for example robberies, murders) should be the last resort of any criminal character. Players will need to reach out to others or find in character targets to perform their crimes too. Should you end up using a NPC you must provide evidence that would link back to your character. NPC use is very restrictive and cannot be used frequently.

  • No characters may be local, state or federal government officials unless they have prior approval or the role is a whitelisted occupation.

  • Players are required to remain respectful in OOC to each other and the server staff. If a situation arises, first try to work it out with your fellow player. If a resolution cannot be reached then contact an available staff member. By contacting staff for resolution, you agree to abide by staff decisions. IC disrespect is allowed if it’s something your character would engage in, however this disrespect may not “shock the conscious.” IE. Racism, sexual harassment, homophobia, aggressive harassment, etc.

  • Roleplay use of cameras must either be mentioned in the roleplay verbally, visual of the camera mentioned in OOC chat, or visible either on a structure or on someone’s person. IE. Gas station security cameras, body worn cameras, etc. 

  • Wearing of masks are regulated via IC penal law. However, if a person wears any type of mask that is surgically attached or another IC story, they will be treated as a mental case and are subject to a 51/50 hold. 

  • Public nudity, sex, rape and violent acts while against the law ICly in the server, can happen. Keep your behavior realistic and appropriate to the scene. Be prepared to roleplay all consequences of your IC actions. Any roleplay involving sex or rape must be agreed upon by both parties before the scene.

  • When driving a vehicle, you must not exceed the realistic abilities of the vehicle. For example, a vehicle that is not made for driving off-road can not convene off a mountain and still be operable even if the in-world mechanics allow the vehicle to still drive. Extended roleplay at that juncture would be required.

  • Excessive criminal roleplay is not allowed. Please allow a realistic amount of time to pass in between your criminal activity. Players must be ready to accept the IC consequences of their crimes however if caught ICly by Law Enforcement. If you wish to have an organized criminal faction, please contact staff to find out how! If you roleplay criminal activity with a group, this must not exceed (5) players unless the criminal event has been authorized by staff.

      1. When you do criminal roleplay, you must be mindful of the attention your character’s criminal activity will bring to you. Also be mindful of the conflict between other criminal groups including any faction hierarchy in play.
      2. Excessive robbing of police or citizens is not allowed. When you rob a person, you are not allowed to “pocket” wipe them
  • With Medical: If you are downed, you may not “combat log” by logging out of the game immediately. Please allow for roleplay with fire rescue or other medical personnel. Roleplay out your injuries the best your knowledge allows as our fire rescue personnel are fully trained.

  • With Police: You must provide general forms of respect to police. Also, disrespect may not in any way enter OOC channels. Please provide additional details through emotes to aide in police investigations if that info would be known, especially those to the senses. When a player is downed they are in police custody. Any attempts by police to “/me cuffs to hospital bed” or the locking or doors must be observed even if the in-world mechanics may not allow for the actual cuffing or locking.

      1. The Chesimard Rule: If you interact with police you must not escalate the situation in an unrealistic manner. For example, putting a hit out on an officer who just pulled you over for a simple traffic ticket.
  • When in game using the multiple job functions, a player may not clock ‘on’ or ‘off’ duty at a time, place or in a manner that may give their character an advantage. For example, being both a cop and a mechanic and switching to their mechanic job to repair a police vehicle then going back to the other job.

  • Having a character that is organizing or leading a government / public safety group, the #1 and #2 individuals may not engage in corruption RP. This is to ensure fair play for everyone in the server.

  • A player who has established their position in the community may apply to have on of their characters open a business. This may be done by first applying on our forum to obtain a business license. Once approved, the player’s character will pay the $25,000 license fee in-game. After this, if the business requires a building location, the player will interact with real estate characters to get their property. There is a 20% downpayment.

  • For player elections, the spots of Mayor, District Attorney, and 4 Alderman / 4 Judge positions. Elections will be held every other quarter so players can elect or run for offices they are passionate about.

    Characters who win these offices will be able to change laws within El Reno City limits. 

  • For player elections, the spots of Mayor, District Attorney, and 4 Alderman / 4 Judge positions. Elections will be held every other quarter so players can elect or run for offices they are passionate about.

    Characters who win these offices will be able to change laws within El Reno City limits. 

  • After a player is gravely injured such as being shot, or rendered unconscious and is transported to the hospital by EMS or a hospital teleport, they will forget all major details of that scene. They cannot return to the scene after this occurs, they must roleplay the severity of those injuries. 

  • Overt acts of aggression against locals are viewed as crimes IC. For example:

    1. Pulling out a gun and shooting a local.

    2. Using your fists to hit a local.

    3. Deliberately running over locals

    The only exception to this would be an incident where client desync is determined to be in play.

  • After a criminal player commits a deliberate act of ‘ramming’ against a member of public safety (police, fire, ems) the law enforcement party must state on the PA a warning that continued ‘ramming’ will leave them subject to deadly force


    If a criminal player commits a second act of ramming, LE may use deadly force. This force may look like using their firearms or aggressive pursuit termination techniques.


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