Be the next power players of El Reno

While things like whitelisted jobs or business creation is largely in-character, registering a faction with Novus requires some out-of-character approvals. A ‘faction’ is referred to at Novus as an organized criminal group or extremist organization that operates roleplay in the server that includes some type of commodity trade or large scale event. To avoid administrative “gatekeepers”, approved factions orchestrate the distribution of drugs, weapons, or propaganda all through IC roleplay.

Current Factions In Novus

The Vagos
The VagosCommon Street Gang
The vagos, led by Senior Taco are known to peddle street level cannabis
The Ba-Ba-Ballas
The Ba-Ba-BallasElite Hitmen
Ballas are known to organize hits on high value targets in the city.
One Percenters
One PercentersPrescott Lake Biker Gang
The “1%ers” sell weapons to anyone with the money. They are a very secretive organization.
Dainty Dames
Dainty DamesWhore House
Dames operate from homes throughout Mercer County. The Madam Gnat is known to broker ladies of the night for a good time.

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