Be the next power players of El Reno

While things like whitelisted jobs or business creation is largely in-character, registering a faction with Novus requires some out-of-character approvals. A ‘faction’ is referred to at Novus as an organized criminal group or extremist organization that operates roleplay in the server that includes some type of commodity trade or large scale event. To avoid administrative “gatekeepers”, approved factions orchestrate the distribution of drugs, weapons, or propaganda all through IC roleplay.

Current Factions In Novus

Grove Street Boys (GSB)
Grove Street Boys (GSB)Street Thugs
The Grove Street Boys are born and raised in El Reno and lead street level organized crime in the city.
Los Muertos
Los MuertosPetty Criminals
Wearing the Los Muertos tattoo on neck, these hardened criminals help supply other gangs with what they need to service the growing narcotic demand of El Reno.
Grove Street Family
Grove Street FamilyConnected Thugs
In South El Reno, the Grove Street Families aim to drive out the street boys who try to own the same turf as they do. Tensions remain high.

Faction Rules

  • The faction needs a min of four members and can only have a max of ten. This number will fluctuate based on server population.
  • A faction must have a background story about how they came to be and how they got into the city and formed. The faction will need to add in this lore about how the leaders came to be and how they played their part to form this gang.
  • The faction must be able to provide a roster count of members and update it everytime the number changes. The group must have a leadership individual or group (ooc, ic or both)

  • The faction must roleplay how the group would (So no thugs who are ghetto and try to be like a mafia when they are just street goons.) A well dressed, educated wealthy faction who all of a sudden rob a gas station

  •  All gangs MUST know our rules with Rp and how to not Metagame or Powergame or do the “Shoot em up” kind of Rp. Novus Roleplay is about scene depth, not scene volume.

  • Factions with characters that own businesses in the server will have that business be a ‘green zone.’ This means that players cannot initiate scenes in that zone. If a scene is started outside the zone, and it spills over into the “safe zone” the scene can continue but players inside teh zone who were not originally involved in the event must make conscious effort to avoid entering in the roleplay scenario.

  •  A faction must maintain player count and actively recruit to their group if the numbers fall below the minimum.

  •  Factions must enter into roleplay scenarios with their character that follows their alignments, and maintains with the factions primary and secondary focus. (Drugs, guns, petty crime, etc)

  •  A faction will have access to OOC knowledge of certain criminal abilities. This should be brought into the IC realm only by following the prompts of staff. Anything directed by staff to not enter the characters IC knowledge should be forgotten and left out of the server.

  •  It is the responsibility of the factions leadership to closely monitor the roleplay ability of their members from an OOC perspective. If members of the factions fail to follow rules and receive a pink, red or black infraction, repeasted bad actors whom are a member of the faction could result in the faction receiving decreased information or minimized exposure in the server.

  • These rules are fluid and staff reserves the right to add, change or remove rules at any time based on the situation at han. If a player is found to be guilty of committing an infraction

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