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While things like whitelisted jobs or business creation is largely in-character, registering a faction with Novus requires some out-of-character approvals. A ‘faction’ is referred to at Novus as an organized criminal group or extremist organization that operates roleplay in the server that includes some type of commodity trade or large scale event. To avoid administrative “gatekeepers”, approved factions orchestrate the distribution of drugs, weapons, or propaganda all through IC roleplay.

Current Factions In Novus

El Reno Mafia

Michael DeCarro comes from a family of organized crime. He almost has a nose for it. Michael lost his older brother at the age of 20 due to a beef with another crew member. Michael’s father still active in the mafia lives in another city. Michael has recently been a made member at 30 years old. Michaels father gave him his blessing to start another crew in EL Reno seeing where the opportunities are. Michael has been a soldier since a teenager and most recently being an Underboss. Michael still reports to his father and kicks money up the ladder. Michael is a very paranoid and careful individual. some would say even calculated. Michael has had his eye on EL Reno since they thrive on street racing and gambling. Michael has his eyes on owning a restaurant or entertainment business. His dreams are to put on events and being a prominent figure. Although he would never admit he is in the mafia.

Odins Disciples MC

The origin of the Odin’s Disciples Motorcycle Club dates back to 1976, born when a nation returned tired from war. Soldiers coming home were treated worse than dirt, and could not find safety in the land they fought for. A group of men sat in a bar one day, talking about the wonders of brotherhood, they all gathered the thought to fight the normality of society, by being the Outlaws that seemed so appealing. for years after the club was a terror on the southern US highways, with the mother chapter being formed in Liberty City, and an expansion headed right to Corpus Cristi in the great state of Alamo USA. by 1980 the club had established 13 chapters within 13 states, the influence even reached as far as Germany, and Australian shores. The 90’s were a rough time for the club, as the founding member, known more by his taken name of the faith he followed, “Floki Lothbrok” had been killed in a retaliation hit by the Angels of Death MC. Hundreds of members had shown up for the funeral. including the child that would later be known as “Ivar Lothbrok” Towards the end of the 90’s, the club was ran by Ivar’s father, “Ragnir Lothbrok” he swore revenge on the A.O.D by any means necessary, and it was just that revenge on a national, and international scale. War had hit all chapters like a speeding locomotive, the Odins being the first to strike. the A.O.D clubhouse in Liberty City was torched and burned to rubble, then to Los Santos, where 15 A.O.D members were found in the most gruesome display of how the Odins wanted them to suffer, all 15 were found in a “Blood Eagle” the air unit stated that when he was flying over he could see a pattern made up from the posts and bodies that were arranged in a “valknut.” The Odins were relentless, but they would find themselves suffering a terrible loss. Ragnir was on a ride to Las Venturas from San Pedro, when he was rolled up on by a van, and gunned down with an AK-47. Ragnir sustained 20 GSW’s littered throughout his body. At the funeral, a grown and in the club Ivar was in the club, having been through his own situations in life, he came to terms that this lifestyle had killed his grandfather, and now his father laid on the pyre before him. Flashforward to 2022 and Ivar has moved to El Reno, in hopes to start a new chapter of the club, leaving a past chapter behind…

Hawick Ave Crips

It all dated back to the original gang 300 Avenue Crips. This was a gang that operated out of Vespucci and was well known and respected. It was ran by two different leaders, Denzel Banks, and Kai Dorello. The two leaders got into an argument due to Denzel shorting members money, this quickly turned into a heated argument where all members teamed up on Denzel. Kai then pulled out a pistol putting the full clip into Denzel. This caused more internal issues with the gang resulting in separation, one group remaining as the 300 Avenue Crips and the other becoming the Hawick Ave Crips. With all of Kais connections to other gangs due to him leading the 300 Avenue Crips, he was able to quickly give the gang a name.

The Science Squad

Hailing from all over the continental US the illustrious “Science Squad” has a storied history dating back to the late 1700s. Founded by a mysterious man known only as The Professor, the original members carried out tasks of great scientific importance in the hopes of benefitting not only themselves but humanity as a whole. As time carried on the squad found themselves using their scientific knowledge to gain an upper hand in several large business operations which helped to fund future scientific endeavors. In the mid 1800s the group started to delve deeper into the facets of society, getting themselves involved in the criminal underworld as it was more lucrative than doing business the legitimate way, making money hand over fist well into the 1920s. Eventually the group splintered with one faction shunning their dubious history as career criminals and the others securing themselves neatly in the darkness that surrounded them. In recent days, new members have been appointed to the council and a new era of science and crime would begin. With technology getting more and more advanced and the law gaining more of an upper hand against modern day criminals the squad decided that it needed to find a way to skirt around the encroaching authorities, finding newer and better ways to manufacture “goods” and evade the do-gooders. Today, the council of the Science Squad are poised to become major players in the city of El Reno as they have begun collecting information and supplies and moving in on various territories with the hopes and goal of becoming the top dog in the criminal underworld.

Reapers MC

The Reapers MC is comprised of the remnants of other chapters that broke apart from all over the world. The members all came together to form something new, something better than where they came from, taking all of the strengths from their previous experiences and implementing them as well as acknowledging the weaknesses and fixing them.

William Hewett and Kiowa Kosanke, formally members of a chapter of The Lost MC, were under heavy investigation. As law enforcement tightened its grip on them, more and more of their brothers and sisters were being taken down. Some were brought in, their freedom removed permanently, some their life removed permanently. The world was coming crashing down around them, and so they sought refuge with their former enemies. An Angels of Death Chapter, once their rivals, took the pair in for a time and gave them a place to lay low.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Members of the Angels Of Death chapter began to suffer the same fate as The Lost. Sensing time was running short, Will and Kiowa took the first opportunity they could, and escaped once more.

Years went by, bouncing from town to town, city to city. The pair met a few along the way, some were riders, but chapter-less, others facing familiar circumstances. Will kept note of every person who they met on the journey, and remembered those who helped them.

One day, what was meant to be a routine stop along the journey, Will discovered a place. New Malverne state, and the city of El Reno. He explored for some time, and started to imagine briefly what it might be like to try again, this time with experience. He brought Kiowa to La Mesa, an industrial section within the city, and it was there that it was decided. They’d try it again, but this time with all the experiences they had, they’d do it right, or die trying. It wasn’t going to work however without a solid base to fill out the ranks, people that could be trusted. Using dark channels, Will and Kiowa began to reach out to people that helped them along the way. It started with the Angels of Death. It had been a long time since they had seen any of them, and they had no idea if any of them were still alive. Then it was the others they had met on the road, members of scattered MC chapters, and other bikers who had no patch. They waited for days, hoping for a response, but when none came the worst was feared.

That was until 12/11/2022. A day that all Reapers will remember. Not all came, some are presumed missing by now or perhaps even dead. 7 people answered the call, and 7 came that day to meet with Kiowa and Will. And it was that day that The Reapers came to exist. It’s founding words, both from their collective painful memories of all they lost, and their intentions for how they will operate from that day onwards, “You Reap what you Sow”.

Sumiyoshi Kai

Sumiyoshi-Kai originated in Japan. It was brought over to North America by Mr. Mas Oyama. Eventually being handed down to his nephew who was fond of the culture and business, Jay Oyama. Jay had his own ideas though. He was not fond of riding around in a suit and a Bentley. He preferred more JDM vehicles and casual clothes. Thus bringing a new school era to Sumiyoshi-Kai.

After a few years spent in Vancouver, Jay packed his things and got on the first plane headed anywhere but there. A few hours later he landed in El Reno. On the train from the Airport to downtown El Reno he met his soon to be second Marcus Sweet. The two shared the same ideals and right then and there he was inducted into Sumiyoshi-Kai.

Jay and Marcus both loved the car scene, Marcus was a mechanic in his past life before moving to El Reno running his own shop. He expressed his love for cars and both agreed on getting into the automotive industry.

Soon came more people with similar visions. And Sumiyoshi-Kai grew more and more by the day. They were not known for starting beef with other groups but moving as shadows not afraid of anyone.

The Lee Brothers

The Lee brothers were born in London UK, they served in the armed forces in their early twenties to then eventually go into drug dealing with the cartel and other big gangs across the world. They then eventually has info that their were a huge oppurtunity to make some huge cash in El Reno by dealing drugs. They have accumulated a massive amount of money and always striving for more, the brothers were raised with very little money which makes them always wanting more and more with other gangs trying to take what they have, this has created hatred for other gangs that are in the area, the Lee brothers will do anything to make sure these gangs are eliminated. They have not been involved with petty crime and they are always distributing large amount of drugs around the world.

They are highly trained in firearms. Lee brothers were always in trouble with the police so therefore police are almost KOS if they ever try to stop any of the lee brothers operations.

Lee brothers will almost always wear smart clothing as a symbol of wealth and will not tolerate any disrespect, this will always end up in retaliation.

South Side Ballas

Name: Levi Rodriguez

Role: Gang Leader

Background: Was born in Santa Ana on July 22 1998. As a kid he was usually quiet until he got into his upper teenage years, he found himself getting into boxing & wrestling from ages 15-19, he wasn’t crazy good, but he won a couple tournaments. Once he finally moved out of his parents house at the age of 20 years old, he didn’t really have any source of income to keep him on his feet. He found himself getting into some illegal activity to get money – Selling drugs – Repo vehicles (Selling the parts of the car) until about 22 years of age when it was finally put to a stop, he got caught selling drugs to an undercover cop and spent a couple months in jail for the crime. Once he was released in later November, he met up with a couple old wrestling buddies who also didn’t have a sturdy income. One of his wresting buddies introduced him to one of their friends named: Ivan Alvarez. Ivan Alvarez was a loud individual and, at the ripe age of 21, was a career criminal and was known for evading the police when the time came. After a couple months of working together they started feeling comfortable about their skills in the criminal life and started reaching out to a couple other people to try and get a little street crew going.

After a couple months of the crew starting up, their normal hangout was at an Air B & B that Ivan owned near the southside of the city. They would keep their cover low as to not bring attention to cops or any other local groups that may want them to leave the area. After around 3 months of keeping their criminal page on the low, they picked up 3-4 other old friends that wanted in on the criminal side of their life. The members were fierce and bold and worked very hard to bring income to the organization to try to buy more land to hide (Weapons, drugs) and any other illegal assets they had.

After a couple years, they still had their small and discrete group of 6 members who then moved towards Bristol St. Santa Ana.

After moving onto Bristol, they started repping the color purple. At this point they started to get on Law Enforcements radar after one of their members was arrested for selling drugs while repping a purple flag, indicating he was apart of or affiliated with the SouthSideBallas. This took an impact on SSB as they had to now keep a even lower profile while still trying to be a fierce and well known street gang to other affiliated members within the city. Even with their member arrested, the 5 of them strived to keep a positive attitude and kept to the grind for money, property and weapons. After a couple of months from when their boy was arrested, Ivan got a call from one of Levi’s close friends saying “I’m sorry to say but your boy was shot last night at Legion after being in an argument with another gang member.” This angered the rest of the crew and encouraged them to reach out to other orgs to find out who did it. They kept up the hustle and later found out who and why committed the murder on their boy. After dealing with the individual that killed their homeboy they decided to leave California and move to El Reno in search of a new city for them and the entire SSB gang to live in.

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