The States Attorney Office is dedicated to justice.

The Mercer County District Attorney, part of New Malvernes 1st Judicial Circuit, and those assistant prosecutors under his authority are tasked with bringing charges against violators within the county. This office covers the jurisdictions of El Reno City, Prescott Lake, Leesburg and Alpine Beach.


Our goal is to protect the people of Mercer County.

The States Attorney actively prosecutes those in violation of state law. As the counties top official on law, the Mercer County DA must oversee judicial proceedings in our county while keeping the public informed.

Fighting Crime One Case At a Time.

The States Attorney Office utilizes several different departments to help serve citizens the best. Trial Divisions are made up of Clerks, Judges and Prosecutors fighting for a just legal system. Media relationships informs the public, while programs help to cure citizens of alcohol or drug abuse issues. Investigations Divisions fight for those who may be unjustly convicted.


Diligent prosecution of offenders plaguing the community.


Transparent information provided to our community.


Domestic Violence and Drug Assistance Programs for vulnerable offenders.


Complex investigations of wrongful conviction allegations.

State Attorney Resources for Citizens.

NM State Penal Code

Criminal and Traffic Code listing New Malverne Statutes.

Defendant Trial Forms

Request a Criminal or Civil Trial or legal representation.